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Energy value 100kcal
Proteins 16,5g
Fats 5,3g
Carbohydrates 0,0g

Garfish, or greenbone, is a sea-fish of belone belone, which is also gar-pike. It is spread in luke-warm waters near west or south coasts of Europe and the North Africa from Cape Verde Islands to Island and Norway, also occurs in the Baltic, North, Mediterranean and Black seas. Garfish is mainly found near the coast though there are species which move far into the open ocean.

Garfish is the largest representative of belone belone. The maximal length is 93 cm, normal length 70—75 cm, maximal weight 1.3 kg. Scales are small, glossy pearly. Its Jaw is long, forming a characteristic “beak”, which resembles a beak of pterodactyl. Small sharp teeth allow garfish to catch small prey while swimming. Colour of bones varies from light to dark green due to excess of biliverdine. Normally garfish swim in undulating manner though they are capable of doing abrupt speedy flings. When frightened or chasing prey (all garfishes are predators, feeding mainly on fish) they jump up from water and do gigantic leaps.

Garfish is edible, though in some countries they are avoided since garfish has strange green bones. Its delicate soft flesh, which has low fat content, is ideal with culinary plants and vegetables. One more advantage of the fish is small amount of bones, it can be easily cleaned. Garfish contains useful Omega-3 compounds, that moisturize skin epidermis and fight wrinkles. A range of В vitamins improves blood supply. It protects vessels from thrombosis, helps to keep heart healthy and even prevents oncologic conditions.

Garfish Frozen

Species: Belone belone

Produce: Frozen fish

Package: box

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