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Energy value 88kcal
Proteins 17,5g
Fats 2g
Carbohydrates 0,0g
Vitamins PP
Nickel 6mcg
Molybdenum 4mcg
Fluorine 430mcg
Chrome 55mcg
Zinc 0,7mg
Sulphur 175mg
Chlorine 165mg

Roach is schooling fresh-water or semi-diadromous fish, that belongs to cyprinoid fishes. Its body if slightly elongated and oblate on sides. Back of roach is greenish-grey, belly and sides are silvery. The maximal length of body can be more than 50 cm, weight – up to 3 kg, max. length of life — 21 years.

This species virtually occurs in any river or lake in the European countries, Central Asia, North America, Siberia and Transcaucasia. Roach usually stays in shoals in the low-flow places, under protection of sunken logs, drooping trees or aquatic vegetation. The shoals of middle-sized and small fish can contain single large specimens.

The usefulness of roach for human body results from valuable proteins and amino acids, which are easily digestive. Besides, low energy value of the fish allows us to define it as dietary food, that makes it valuable for people who want to take care of their shape. Nutritionists advice to include it into a diet of children and elder people, pregnant and lactating women. In addition, roach is included into a diet of people who have had a surgery, who are allergic or suffer gastrointestinal issues or cardio-vascular conditions.

Roach frozen

Species: Rutilus

Produce: Frozen fish

Range of size: 100-300 gr; 300-500 gr; 500-800 gr; 800-1000 gr; 1000-1200 gr; 1200+ gr

Package: box

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