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Energy value 88kcal
Proteins 17,5g
Fats 2,0g
Carbohydrates 0,0g
Vitamins B1, B2, B12, A, D, K
Sulphur 175mg
Chlorine 165mg
Fluorine 0,43mg
Zinc 0,7mg
Chrome 0,055mg
Molybdenum 4mcg
Nickel 6mcg

Goby is classified in the family Gobiidae, the order Perciformes. There are around 2000 species in the Gobiidae family. Goby is a small fish with a large head. In Russian goby is called ‘bychok’, meaning a bullock due to its relative resemblance to the animal. This coastal fish is a predator, consuming mollusks, worms, and small fish.

Since gobies include so many species, they have been divided into two main groups: brackish water and marine.

The most famous species of gobiid fish are the knout goby, round goby, sand goby, Proterorhinus semipellucidus, and the syrman goby.

Caloric value of goby

Goby is rather low-calorie, containing 88 kcal per 100 g.

Nutritional value of goby

The goby fish contains a lot of nutrients, including Vitamin PP and minerals, such as zinc, chromium, fluorine, molybdenum, nickel, sulfur, chlorine.

Cooking goby

Gobies can be cooked in a variety of way. It can be dried, canned, or used to make cutlets. It can also be boiled or fried, however, these methods of cooking are not very popular, as gobies have a lot of bones.

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